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Please be advised that NFT Consult LTD does not charge candidates for participation in interviews, nor does the company charge candidates in exchange for employment. All fees are directed to the client. Anyone who chooses to pay in return for promised employment does so at their own risk.


At NFT, we post these jobs on behalf of our clients, these clients have been carefully vetted and assessed to ensure that they offer our candidates a conducive working environment. Our candidate application portal allows you to also filter the job listings by country.


When you look through the employer job listings, you will find information that will help you determine what our client is looking for in the ideal candidate. This includes information about the client, minimum qualifications and experience required as well as attributes of the potential employee. All this information is taken into consideration when shortlisting for that role. It is therefore important that you read the job requirements carefully before you submit your application.


Due to the overwhelming number of applicants we shall only call candidates who meet the job requirements. All other applications will get an electronic acknowledgement and status on their application.


If you are concerned about your application, Contact Us at any NFT Consult office nearest to you.

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