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Since 2005, NFT Consult has maintained a leadership position  based on a valued principle: “We Value People”. This valued principle benefits our customers wherever they operate—in a growing number of specialized fields. Download Here

"Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out"
~ Dr. Steven R. Covey ~

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Consult operates on a valued principle: "We Value People". This valued principle benefits our customers wherever they operate—in a growing number of specialized fields.We continue to meet ever evolving challenges of the workforce environment with solutions tailored to specific business needs, particularly in the following areas:-

Managed Services which offers timely solutions to our clients enabling them to grow their businesses in an increasingly changing environment. This requires an in-depth understanding of our clients' challenges and an ability to tailor-make solutions that exactly meet their specific objectives, encapsulating their strategic focus and aligning with their resource needs

HR Business Process Outsourcing that mainly deals with permanent recruitment of highly employable individuals. We professionalize recruitment by helping our clients identify the right people with the right mix of skills, abilities, interests, and job match before hire.

Learning & Development with a business development department geared towards training and professional development of employees, offering an extensive range of training.

Does NFT Consult find employment for individuals?

We advise individuals to bank their CV into our employee data bank.

Our CV database is our first point of reference once a job vacancy is identified and serves as the pool of candidates from varied specialisms and levels of experience.

On expression of interest, each suitable candidate goes through a one-on-one session with our recruitment Advisors who ascertain the skill/competence level and career interests.

What kind of training do you offer?

Please refer to our Learning and Development solution on the website to find a list of training modules.

We also offer one-on-one sessions on CV Review and interview skills. Visit Events to find out about the next workshop.

How often are your interview skills workshops scheduled?

Our Interview Skills sessions are carried out once every two weeks at all our regional offices. Please visit Events to find out about the next workshop.

Call us to check availability and get details on how to book.

I have been registered on NFT database for a year now, how come I haven’t been called?

This could happen if your CV has not matched any of our client requirements. It’s important that you provide us with your latest CV (no charge) and keep us updated on your current employment situation. As well, please attend our CV Review workshops to learn how to write a winning CV.

Is it possible to bank a CV online?

We encourage all our candidates to bank their CV's online. Please visit Register Now link on our website.

I am a registered member of NFT Database. Do I need to apply online every time I see suitable job on the website?

For every job offer we will look through our database for suitable candidates and contact them before we submit their CVs to the client. If you have not been contacted, go to our website, clink on the link for the job that you are interested in and follow the prompts to apply. You will receive a confirmation message via email that your application has been received. You will need to apply before the job application closing date.

What are the requirements for CV Banking?

All applications and banking of CVs is done online. Please visit the Register Now link on our website.

When is the candidate placed after CV Banking?

NFT's highest priority is to place our banked people in suitable and preferred jobs. If your CV meets our client's requirements and need, our recruitment associates will contact you about next steps. In the meantime, you can continue to browse Job Vacancies to search the latest job openings. If there's any change in your experience, contact information, job seeking intention, etc., please update your information by visiting the Register Now link on the website,so we'll have the most current information and link you to the most suitable opportunities.

Why should I register with NFT Database?

Our first sourcing point is always through our database and our clients also often request that we source candidates from our database as it’s the cheapest and quickest method of recruitment. As a result, registered candidates are first priority for placement in suitable and preferred jobs.

Where is NFT Consult Ltd located?

NFT Consult is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda with regional offices in Kigali - Rwanda, Bujumbura - Burundi, Dar-es-Salaam - Tanzania and Nairobi - Kenya. Please click  on contact us link for the full details.

The CV Review & Interview Skills Workshops

If you are looking for a job then it is important to understand how to market yourself on paper. On many occasions job seekers send their CVs along with application letters to prospective employers in hopes that they’ll be invited for a job interview.

However, many a time job seekers are disappointed because they don't get that call. Your CV represents you in your absence and often times you are not given a chance to explain yourself. If you have experienced such disappointment on several occasions then perhaps it is time for you to review your appearance on paper. Our CV review session is exactly what you need to help you improve your CV.

You now have that winning CV and it has earned you a job interview. But do you really know what to expect? Once you have secured the interview, you should begin to focus on interview preparation.

However, through research and practice, interviewing skills can be perfected. It is a widely known fact that the best candidate does not always get the job. Many qualified candidates are passed over due to lack of interview preparation or an inability to articulate "fit" for the position. Once you arrive at the interview stage, it is your ability to sell yourself that will help ensure a job offer. Our interview skills session will prepare you for those tricky questions and behavioral issues that interviewees face.

Our CV and Interview Skills workshops happen every two weeks on Saturday Mornings.   Please check with reception and make a booking to attend

What is NFT Consult in full?

These are three letters we put together OR are they?